Thursday, November 29, 2012

The wonderful world of Beauty

Hey dolls. It's definitely been a hot minute since I've done a post.  Yes i have been wearing clothes but I've recently discovered the Wonderful world of Hair & Makeup & based on my collection, you will be able to tell that obsessed is an understatement.

This summer while visiting with my cousin,  I was introduced to foundation by her.   The most i ever wore on my face was an Organic Tinted Moisturizer by Physicians Formula.  But let me tell you, as much as I loved that it's organic, my face literally smelled like a plant when I put it on! My sister also gave me the NAKED pallet by Urban Decay as a gift for starting college =)  It has definitely been my everyday go to pallet.
**Before the pallet I only had a few MAC singles and two Estee Lauder quads that I bought at the Navy Exchange in Japan.  I just loved the colors. oh & of course some shadows from the 100 YEN store (dollar store in Japan) lol. ..

I have been experimenting with so many products now just to see what I like best & what works for me.  What may work for me may not necessarily work for you, which is why I like to focus on describing the product rather than saying I plain out love it or dislike it. 

I have also recently discovered this world that was secret from me in youtube! I have a hand full of beauty gurus that I now follow and can relate to so much.  So I've had the urge to create my own channel with tutorials, hauls & rambles but first I want to acquire the right lighting and editing and filming devices needed so that it will look as professional as possible.  So hopefully if my channel is up soon, I will be posting a link to it here as well as on my facebook page :)

There is just SO much I would love to share with you ladies!! but for now, check out my makeup collection that I've created in the past couple months. (Literally couple, as in 2! if that)  I just took out 5 foundations that are not my shade & I'm fine with that because I will be giving them away.

Here's my obsessive organizing skills:

Here are my Foundations + E.L.F setting spary

My pressed powders, and blushes


Bottom drawer: Eyeshadow  
Middle drawer: Mascara/Liner/Eyebrows

(more coming from Sedona Lace!)

I'm obsessed with Lady Gaga Fame (black and gold bottle)

So that is my little collection thus far.  I hope to expand the storage but I'm crunched for space and this is just what works best for me at the moment.  I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions about the products please leave me a comment. 

**** A special thanks to my beautiful cousin Nancy! I wouldn't be here without you!! <3 you Doll!****

Thanks for visiting! 

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