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My Fav. affordable makeup (+1)

Hey dolls! Just wanted to share some of my favorite -affordable makeup products.  I will be posting about skin & hair soon.

So I have a t-zone oily skin in the summer but since i live in northern Nevada, in the winter my skin dries out excessively. I like to use an oil free moisturizer with SPF.  It's very important to use a daily moisturizer with UVA & UVB Sunscreen to protect against sunburn. (yup even on a cloudy day!)

Laura Mercier: Foundation primer in Hydrating (32.00)

Why I LOVE this:
This is the (+1) because it is not sold in stores such as Walgreens or CVS.  I got mine at Sephora.
I love this primer not only because it hydrates my skin but because it allows my foundation to last all day.
There is also the regular primer, Mineral, Oil free and in Radiance.
 The following can be found at your local drugstore/pharmacy

L'Oreal: Magic Perfecting Base (12.99)

Why I LOVE this:
Okay this here, it should just be called Miracle in a jar.  I use this primer on my problem areas where my pores show the most-around my nose.  It makes them completely disappear and when used all over the face, it creates a flawless canvas for your foundation. This really makes a huge difference when it comes to my pores, & I mean HUGE difference!!!! The only down side is that it's a very tiny jar.

L'Oreal: True Match Foundation & Powder (about 8.99)

Why I LIKE this:
This foundation is light weight with great coverage that you can build on. It matches well to your skin. I have tried a few foundations and so far this one has been the best for me.  It's also really great that there is a "cool" "neutral" and "warm" option depending on your skins undertone.

Maybelline: Instant Age Rewind Concealer (8.99)

Why I LOVE this:
This is my favorite concealer for my eye area and no other has replaced it.  It's a twist applicator with liquid cream. Last summer when it came out, I didn't wear much make up  and It worked perfectly alone without eye shadow for a very natural look, however don't pass on the mascara!. They also have an eye brightener which gives your eye that "see! I am awake!" look.

Physicians Formula:  Cashmere Wear Blush (about 12.00)

Why I LIKE this:  
I haven't tried too many blushes simply because I like how my MAC blush works and how this one works as well.  I'm so picky when it comes to choosing blush and lip colors but these two colors work well for me, for many skin tones actually.  It has this super soft cashmere feel and a slight glow to it.  

Physicians Formula: Eye booster and Eyeliner (10.99)

Why I LOVE this:
So I have used gel liners and pencil liners.  They all seemed to fade quickly or they wouldn't stay a true black.   I saw that it had a 24hr wear & was sold.  It does not fade & is still there looking dark & crisp at the end of the night as it did in the morning. 

Rimmel: Glam'Eyes Mascara (6.00-7.00)

Why I LOVE this: 
I have been using this mascara for a couple of years now.  I have tried many and this one is my favorite go to- never let me down.  I have never really bought into the bigger and thicker the wand, the better the mascara. Unlike with the chunkier wands, with this one, I am able to get into the corners and hard to reach places for precise full coverage. My secret for applying mascara: start from the root of your lash and gently move the wand back ad forth horizontally as you swipe up. Make sure your moving it back and forth the entire time as you swipe upward. 

Physicians Formula: Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent

Why I LOVE this:
I put this on last on top of all of my make up. It gives my face that glow we all covet. I sometimes wear it over my tinted moisturizer as well. I think this just completes the look.

BH Cosmetics eyeshadows:

Very affordable, they are very pigmented and they are great for creating bold looks and experimentation with colors!!! I've read reviews that they are similar to Coastal Scents.  I have not tried the other brand yet but I can tell you that BH Cosmetics eye shadows do have a bit of a fall out(they are slightly powdery) but that's nothing a little tapping of the brush to remove excess can't solve. These are so much fun.  I have Urban Decay Vice pallet and since it was so expensive, I would hesitate to experiment and waste my product.  But now i can practice different looks with the BH vibrant colors. Check them out. These can be found at the BH Cosmetics website.

88 Shimmer Pallet

88 Matte Pallet

88 Neutral Pallet

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"if you make enough wrong turns, eventually you will find out what works for you"-Cyndy

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