Monday, September 17, 2012

The Basics

Good Day fabulous Dolls & Kens, (why not)..Welcome to my blog!
Let's start with a quick view of what is my little empire.  It was created through time, creativity & of course great deals ; )

I like the saying "I like my money where I can see it,... Hanging in my closet."
This is very true but I also like to make sure it's organized and easily accessible. 
I purchashed this shoe rack at walmart Here
It's great if you have limited space or a long closet.
Excuse my unedited photos but for my boots, i used this..
to keep them standing upright. Quick, easy & Cheap.

                                    I also purchased these items to organize my accesories
A great way to hang your scarves is on a regular hanger. It's cheap &
makes them easy to see.

Well Dolls,
That is all for today.  I hope these tips & tricks helped! Have a fabulous day!

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